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Caribbean Strongman Rules

1.1. Strongman competitions include the exercise which are approved by the Organization.
1.2. Competitions are held for athletes with a minimum weight of 120kg and a minimum age of
25 years.
1.3. Competitions are held in the heavy weight category.
1.4. There is one weight category. The number of athletes for each exercise will not exceed 10.
1.5. Each of the competitors has one attempt in each exercise. Exceptions are explained in the
relevant sections of these rules. The athlete, who shows the best time is the winner in the category.
Other members are classified according to the acquired amount. If two members show the same
amount of time, management/director would make a final determination of the winner. Best time
will determine the places in exercises.
In case of complete failure, in exercise nothing will awarded. In case of draw, management/director
would make a final determination of the winner. If it is necessary to identify places in the overall
standings, the places will be determined by the individual with the best time of all four (4)
At the beginning of the competition a blind draw will be carried out to determine the starting order
for the participants for all four exercises.
1.6. All kinds of competitions in strongman held are III – Regional and Urban. The overall winner
will be training for the World Games
1.7. Competitions are carried out according to the current rules of Caribbean Strongman
Organization (hereinafter referred to as — CSO), approved by the rules of Caribbean Strongman
Organization (hereinafter referred to as —CSO).
1.8. Competition rules of CSO are applied to the competition of the III rank.
1.9. CSO holds:
Championship in strongman — men

2.1. The athletes can participate in the event out of competition. The decision on their admission
is rendered by the credentials committee. If an athlete competes out of competition, he affects
neither the individual nor the team results, he does not set records. He cannot be assigned a sport
rank (grade) under the results of such competition.
2.2. The nature of competitions and the number and sequence of competitive exercises in each case
are determined by provision on them.
2.3. The official calendar competitions shall have at least four standard exercises.

3.1. Categories of athletes.
3.1. Strongman competitions are held among males.
3.2. Age is determined by the athletes’ year, month and day of birth.
3.3. The competitions comprise the athletes who have reached the corresponding age bracket of
25-50 years
3.4. Weight categories
3.5.1. Accuracy of weighing the personal weight of the athletes is performed due to the calibration
of measuring devices, which weigh the competition participants, but not more than 0.01 kg and
not less than 0.05 kg. Measurement accuracy can be 0.1 kg for the III rank.
3.6. The competition of III rank is held with the distribution of the athletes of the weight category
of 120kg minimum

4.1. IPF approved equipment Titan & Inzer (knee sleeves, forever belts, wrist wraps) must be used
when competing.
4.2. There will be one overall trophy along with a cash prize awarded to the individual of the
competition who held the best time in all 4 exercises (Farmers Walk, Truck Pull, Tire Flip and
Atlas Stone).
4.3. Cash prize along with medals which are authentic gold, silver and bronze. They will be
awarded per event to the individuals who held the best time in each of the 4 exercises (Farmers
Walk, Truck Pull, Tire Flip and Atlas Stone).
4.4. The first place winners and overall champion of the competition would be subject to drug
testing by the World Anti-Doping Agency.
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5.1. Anatomy of Stretching
Focuses on the kinds of stretches that are most helpful in the alleviation or rehabilitation
of specific sports injuries.